Why Drishti?

Because manufacturing faces a 100-year-old data gap

Why Drishti 1
Why Drishti 2

There has been 100 years of manufacturing innovation on manual assembly lines.

But despite that innovation, there are still three critical questions that most manufacturers still cannot answer:

  1. What just happened?
  2. What’s happening now?
  3. How do we improve what happens next?

These questions remain so difficult to answer because manual tasks are still measured by hand. There’s never been a better way.

As a result, you don’t have enough data to begin with. And the data you do have is tainted by observation bias.

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Drishti closes this 100-year-old data gap with video and AI

Cameras in every station + analytics on top of the video

More data on manual activities than ever in history

Massive multiplier to productivity, quality, and training

Not station-by-station — improve the entire system, at scale

How Drishti works

1. You stream video from every station

2. Data is created on top of the video

    • AI-generated cycle data
    • Software for fast + accurate steps data

3. You integrate the data and video into your existing lean processes

    • Quality
    • IE
    • Supervisors
    • Operators
    • Trainers
    • Managers
    • Product designers
    • And others
line operator working on an assembly line

Drishti solutions

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For automotive manufacturers

In the midst of big industry changes, Drishti delivers insights for surefire decision making.

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For medical device manufacturers

Balance risk and throughput in a highly regulated environment, Dristhi helps optimize manual assembly.

See how Drishti improves quality, productivity and training at scale.