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Reduce Assembly Line Defects

Complete video traceability provides a new approach to defect reduction.

Too many quality issues, too few engineers.

For any given defect or deviation, engineers have to follow intense root cause analysis and resolution processes. It’s an exhausting procedure that takes hours or days to complete.

Your engineers can keep up with the most frequent defects, but the long tail keeps extending faster than they can keep pace. Meanwhile, the creativity and problem-solving abilities that you hired engineers for are not being used.

How can you get ahead of your quality problems?

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AI-powered production helps you do more

With AI-powered production, cameras continuously monitor the assembly process for continuous measurement and complete video traceability.

This video and data can be used to rapidly understand the root cause of any defects, so you can quickly solve them.

Quality reporting methodologies are simplified when you can include video clips. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.

Plus, the videos and data can be used to design and iterate on countermeasures, as well as to coach line associates on the line.


People who benefit include:

Quality engineers

who can dramatically accelerate root cause analysis and increase their capacity to solve quality-related issues

Operations and engineering teams

who can turn video of assignable root cause into process improvements

Supervisors and trainers

who can help line associates learn from videos of defects, much in the way athletes use instant replay