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Mitigate Recall and Warranty Risks

Uncertainty around escaped defects can drive astronomical costs. Visual traceability reduces this uncertainty.

Stop quality problems before they become business risks

The moment a defect escapes final inspection, it stops being an assembly line concern and becomes a business risk.

Outcomes of these defects are unpredictable and heartburn-inducing, ranging from a few dollars in scrap costs to millions of dollars in recalls and brand damage.

The problem is uncertainty: you have no way of knowing what happened in the past. For example, how can you know if an issue reported on one unit isn’t affecting all units produced on that line?

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AI-powered production helps pinpoint assembly issues, fast

The video streams at the heart of AI-powered production help manufacturers reduce defect-related risks and costs.

With complete video traceability, you can “rewind” individual units to validate standardized work adherence. It’s like using YouTube: browse by date, time, line, station, etc. Or search by unit serial number.

You can also virtually inspect adjacent units to fully understand the scope of the problem. This cuts the costs and time you’d otherwise incur in physical teardown and inspection. It also helps you fully scope your exposure in the case of warranty claims or recalls.

People who benefit include:

Quality engineers

who can now conduct video-based inspection of units — no tear-downs or warehouse sorting

Field teams

that can quickly understand whether assembly mistakes may be causing issues in the field

Warranty and recall teams

that can validate claims and quantify exposure