Optimize manual assembly:
Balance risk and throughput in a highly-regulated environment

Drishti for medical device manufacturers

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The challenge of medical device manufacturing

Efficient, lowest-cost production in a highly-regulated manufacturing environment is a double-edged sword.

If a change is made too quickly to improve throughput or costs, you could trade off important quality measures — or, worse, be out of compliance completely.

Medical device OEMs know this well. Especially makers of Class II/III devices. So, how can you maintain a culture of continuous improvement: increasing productivity and lowering production costs, while maintaining high quality?

AI-powered production assures the right process is used to assemble the right product at the right cost

Drishti’s AI-powered software captures video of every device assembled at each stage of its journey down a manual assembly line.

Drishti stores that video footage, making it easily searchable and retrievable for review.

And Drishti’s proprietary AI models turn video into data and analytics to provide the first ever complete measurement of manual assembly activity.

How medical device manufacturers use Drishti

Track, trace and train, instantly

Video makes proof of conformance indisputable and efficient. This reduces the costs of assembly errors and shortens the time required for internal quality audit and CAPA investigations.

Features include:

  • Visual traceability for tracking, investigation and rapidly identifying assignable root cause
  • Remote real-time monitoring for regular inspections, travel reduction and avoiding passes through cleanrooms
  • Video tagging for creating training content and collaboration between teams, including operators
  • Instant replay of assembly footage for proof of conformance

Measure and optimize every station

AI-generated assembly data delivers more and better analytics to spark operations insights. Production can be improved more often and with less effort than ever before, while maintaining high quality standards.

Features include:

  • Complete cycle time analytics that drive operations insights – uncovering bottlenecks, line balance issues, variability that could lead to defects and more
  • Immediate visual access to video on each cycle to make the process of continuous improvement more productive from time & motion studies and kaizens to SOPs & training

Drishti helps keep product quality high and costs in line

The costs of regulatory compliance are only a baseline cost of quality for medical device manufacturers. Investments in quality are sometimes never high enough for a manufacturing environment that relies heavily on manual processes.

How do you reduce risk and control for human error on assembly lines, as well as in kitting and labeling?

Empowering teams with assembly data and insights

Medical device packaging

Drishti helps with collaboration and brings manufacturing, quality and continuous improvement teams together to empower assembly line associates. These teams use Dristhi to address defects, non-standard work, ineffective training and limited associate engagement:

  • Industrial engineers automate time & motion study data collection and analytics for a productivity boost — arriving at improvements in standard work faster than ever before.
  • Quality engineers monitor manual assembly in real time to conduct remote inspections and access clean rooms without travel and gowning. They also review historic footage to pinpoint deviations and address root causes of defects.
  • Manufacturing engineers use more data than ever before to gain insights for better assembly tools and line layouts that improve production and capacity.

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