The line operators’ perspective

Investing in Drishti means investing in people

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Most factories lack sufficient data on manual activities. This prevents line operators from achieving their highest potential. Drishti helps line operators demonstrate and increase the value they contribute to the factory.

Engine assembly line

Our mission is to “extend human potential in an increasingly automated world.” We create an unbiased source of data that helps line operators resolve disputes, demonstrate their creativity and find new ways to create value for the company.

Drishti and associate privacy
The data Drishti creates is focused on the process, not the person. We do not capture personally identifiable information. Our system has no information on the name or employee ID of the line operator. We do not perform facial recognition.

Drishti helps line operators by:

  • Enabling collaborative and objective problem-solving through video
  • Ensuring more accurate root cause analysis that identifies the true source of abnormalities
  • Facilitating targeted countermeasures that don’t impact the wrong people
  • Improving training through video instruction and instant replay
  • Providing evidence for line operators to demonstrate problems or share ideas
  • Improving morale and engagement
  • Contributing to greater job stability

A third-party perspective

Deloitte Insights logoEthics and the future of work
Published May 15, 2020

“…While observing people in near-real time at work could be seen as a violation of personal privacy, Drishti addresses those concerns head-on by bringing workers into the conversation early.”

“…workers almost immediately ‘see the value of the technology and its potential to improve their lives and secure their jobs, and they’re on board and excited.’”

“The aim of the technology — improving the human experience through process analysis, measurement, and insights — sets a clear and ethical case for its use, a case that benefits the company and, just as importantly, the line associate.”

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