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Increase Process Efficiency

Forget station-by-station process improvement. See continuous improvement at scale with AI-powered production.

Eliminate labor-intensive process data creation

To improve a process, you must first measure it. On most manual assembly lines, this means grabbing a stopwatch and measuring each station one cycle at a time.

These one-off time studies result in datasets that are too small, are tainted by observation bias, and costs engineers significant time.

Until now, there hasn’t been an alternative.

Inline associate

AI-powered production with Drishti drives line optimization

The core promise of AI-powered production is that routine data collection on manual assembly lines can be automated.

Drishti provides engineers with complete sets of activity data for every assembly cycle, not just sample points. Every data point is backed by video.

This frees your people to devote much more time to identifying and implementing improvement opportunities. You can stop going station-by-station and start scaling for greater impact.


People who benefit include:

Process engineers

who receive richer data on line operations, without manual measurement

Product designers

who improve design-for-manufacturing techniques

Line supervisors / team leaders

who can resolve problems quickly with live monitoring and by-the-minute line analytics