Customer spotlight: DENSO

$46B Japanese Auto Tier 1 • Drishti is deployed on multiple lines in North America • Customer since 2017

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“Drishti’s continuous data creation offers productivity insights and quality metrics that help us make better decisions, faster.”

“This tool will preserve jobs because performance in every category will improve and there’s less reason for DENSO to consider expensive automation.”

“Digitizing highly variable human motion continuously and in real time provides analytics insight that can significantly improve productivity, efficiency, and quality, as well as how we approach employee training.”

“After something goes wrong, workers can now look at the data and video with their managers, instead of having to hope bosses take their account of what happened seriously.”

“We are now able to, for the first time, get analytical and quantitative insights into the performance of manual operations, in real-time and continuously. As a result, DENSO can dramatically increase the speed at which it implements Kaizen or continuous improvement, principles.”

“Having data on manual tasks fills a major gap in our analytics.”

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