Customer spotlight: Continental

Winning the production excellence race — and saving $10K per customer response in the process

No continuous improvement curve was too treacherous for the Continental team.

They’re setting some impressive records:

Less variability

Better adherence to standardized work

Improved first-pass yield

Instant insights

Faster resolution


Continental is an established worldwide automotive supplier positioned comfortably within the top 3 manufacturers of vehicle networking and information products. On their highly manual vehicle console lines in Periferico, Guadalajara, they produce systems for the largest automakers.

Watch the video and learn how Continental operations teams use Drishti to scale their standardized work efforts on their assembly lines for big business impacts.

The challenge: scale project efforts beyond human observation

On Continental’s vehicle console lines, they produce systems for the largest automakers. Their ability to meet demand and deliver consistently to high quality standards rests on standardized work. Manual assembly is their flexible production secret weapon. And managing a line of skilled operators is an important role fulfilled by a highly motivated team of industrial engineers, quality personnel and operations managers.

This team was tasked with reducing variability in assembly and set out to develop a program to observe and analyze adherence to standardized work on the lines.

Their challenge was to scale the program, but how?

The solution: Video traceability for real-time and continuous process improvement

The Continental team decided to implement Drishti: video-based software that allows for real-time assembly line visibilty from anywhere and instant playback of any device assembled. It was the solution that would enable them to scale and achieve their vision of standardized work on every line.

Drishti allows for an accurate, consistent source of video for work review and training content. The team is able to easily view line performance from their computers using line, workstation and timestamp designations. As well, video can be made immediately available and shared with associates, so they can use it to improve their daily work.

“Instead of spending half of the day walking from line to line, making observations and missing some deviations, our chief line leaders became very efficient at monitoring the lines using video, detecting areas for improvement and implementing immediate fixes with the line associates.”
— Edgar Jimenez-Rodriguez, Continuous Improvement Project Manager

Additional benefits for an even bigger business impact

It wasn’t long before the success of the team was noticed across the site. The quality group was particularly interested in assembly video footage. They had just received a product from a customer who claimed it was defective. Knowing the investigation and root cause analysis process could take up to five days, they decided to take a look at Drishti video to help them evaluate the potential defect. What they found was a huge opportunity.

The assembly recordings of the returned product didn’t show any evidence of a defect. In fact, all processes were completed perfectly from assembly start to packaging, and they had proof. Remediation times plummeted and customer reporting requirements could be met easily.

“Our goal is always zero defects, and with Drishti, we are able to achieve that aim. Our relationships with our customers are much stronger with Drishti, because we have the confidence and evidence to show that our quality is top-notch.”
— Vyola Fisher, Plant Manager

The results: reaching Continental’s destination with efficiency and quality gains

The Continental team with the help of Drishti is providing a cost-effective way to improve work on the assembly line – without subjective observation from a legion of line supervisors or biased data created from time and motion studies. They’re reducing their time to run kaizen events by 50%. In addition, they have been able to increase manufacturing efficiencies on the line by 11%, attributed to less variability and more standardized work.

As standardized work is followed more often, a virtuous cycle is being created. Defects have fallen by 30% and scrap has been reduced by 15%. The long-term effects of speeding up the time between receiving a customer complaint, needing to find a root cause of a defect and implementing countermeasures is now being assessed. The team has already determined that they can save up to $10K per customer incident by narrowing the days of investigation from 5 days to 5 hours. And, the team has high hopes for future lines running with Drishti.

In the meantime, they can rest assured that Drishti has their back. It’s always on and always available to help them answer any assembly question.

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