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Succeed with manual assembly in a climate of uncertainty

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In the midst of change, ambiguity reigns

Automotive manufacturers exist in a very competitive industry with an extremely low tolerance for errors. Today, OEMs and suppliers are further challenged by the uncertainty of emerging technologies like electric and fully autonomous vehicles, shifting industrial regulations, trade disruption and more.

Those who emerge as the winners will excel in two critical factors:

  1. They will test new products and enter new markets faster
  2. They will lower costs and improve the quality of their existing products

The secret to accomplishing both of these feats?

Using data and video to drive better insights to the right person, at the right time, on manual assembly lines.


AI-powered production drives insights that improve decisions

For the first time in manufacturing history, Drishti’s software automates the process of collecting assembly data on manual production lines. With cameras on every station on the line, we capture every single cycle and store that video for quick searchability and retrievability.

Our proprietary AI models turn video into data and analytics on every cycle, which we push to you so you can identify and remediate bottlenecks, spot and correct standardized work deviations, control for quality and train your line associates.

We’ve captured and processed hundreds of thousands of manufacturing cycles, providing our customers with detailed cycle time data at a level of precision never seen before in continuous improvement processes.

Vehicle manufacturer and their suppliers empower their industrial engineers, manufacturing teams, quality personnel and most importantly, their line associates with analytics they need to:

  • Reduce defects
  • Increase standardized work adherence
  • Isolate bottlenecks and identify sources of variability
  • Accelerate kaizen events while increasing their effectiveness
  • Improve training for line associates
  • Improve root cause analysis and decrease time to problem discovery
  • Accelerate NPI processes

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