Accelerating line associate training

Video-based training brings obvious benefits to manual assembly lines

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Today’s constraint: Inefficient line associate training

Line associate training is at the heart of assembly line optimization.

But the experience hasn’t grown much richer or more effective in recent history: it remains a combination of classroom and on-the-line training, overseen by a trainer or supervisor, with non-trivial staffing requirements and opportunity costs.

Video is clearly a superior medium. But how do you make it happen?

AI-Powered Production keeps assembly teams engaged

line operator working on an assembly line

There’s a reason that the best sports teams coach their athletes using instant replay.

It’s the same reason why people who need to learn a new household task — fixing a broken pipe, for example — look for lessons on YouTube.

It’s because video is the ideal medium for learning new tasks or refining your performance.

But it’s not easy to set up the infrastructure. AI-Powered Production does it for you: capturing the video from each station, transferring it to a central server, storing it, providing software for accessing and distributing it, and keeping it secure.

With this infrastructure, you can finally integrate video into your line associate training processes with a ready library of video content.

Users include:

  • Trainers for building classroom training content and preparing customized training using “side-by-side video”
  • Supervisors for using video as a learning tool on the line — think “instant replay”
  • Line associate to capture knowledge and share best practices

Tier 1 auto supplier HELLA deployed Drishti to help enforce standardized work adherence.

Here’s what Michael Hammoud, VP of Operations, told IndustryWeek:

“Drishti helps us support our lean practices with data, and use the information we get from the cameras and AI to train our operators, improving their productivity and job satisfaction at the same time. It’s a win-win for the company and our employees.”

Just some of the things you can do with video training

Classroom training
On-the-line training
Performance improvement
Capture and preserve knowledge
Continuous feedback

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