Use cases

Here’s how AI-powered production drives faster, more efficient assembly line improvement

What kinds of data are created by Drishti?

Video data
Cameras at every station provide complete video traceability of the process.

Time study data
AI provides a continuous stream of cycle time data, and software lets you add time study data on top of the video.

The benefits of AI-Powered Production

Improve throughput and decrease costs

Improve throughput and decrease costs

AI automatically measures every cycle, multiplying the efficiency of your process improvement teams.

Mitigate quality-related business risks

Mitigate recall and warranty risks

Video traceability reduces the risks that come when you don’t know the source or scope of field issues.

reduce assembly defects

Reduce assembly defects

AI and video traceability make root cause analysis as easy as using YouTube. Quick RCCA means quicker countermeasures.

Accelerate operator training

Accelerate line associate training

Video is the ideal medium for learning new tasks. It makes line associate training richer, faster and more customizable.

Drishti solutions

Automotive solutions icon

For automotive manufacturers

In the midst of big industry changes, Drishti delivers insights for surefire decision making.

Medical Devices icon

For medical device manufacturers

Balance risk and throughput in a highly regulated environment, Dristhi helps optimize manual assembly.

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