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Use Cases

See how different discrete manufacturers use Drishti for AI-powered production.

Drishti is ideal for discrete manufacturers that have assembly line processes with repetitive movements. This includes factories from a variety of industries, including automotive, medical device, electronics, packaging, and more.

Primary use cases

Featured use cases for Drishti

  • Validate warranty claims with efficient root cause analysis

    Traditional investigative methods take weeks. Discover root cause within minutes by searching for a serial or lot number or a time stamp to understand what happened and WHY.

  • Ensure quality process continuity

    Record and then access high-quality video of assembly line processes from anywhere to improve productivity and reduce travel costs.

  • Create a video library of standardized work for efficient training

    Tag video from live assembly footage and record standardized best practices for a new process, so training materials are more concrete, effective, and immediately available.

  • Analyze manual assembly processes holistically with comprehensive video

    Create cycle time data with annotation services, so you can make more effective improvement process recommendations when and where they're needed.

  • Transfer benchmarks to new lines or sites

    Easily measure cycle times of standardized work to use as clear benchmarks for new production ramp and automatically create training material for associates who are working on the new lines.

  • Continuously measure cycle time to improve throughput

    Uncover bottlenecks, imbalances, and variability in near-real time to continually improve cycle and take times.

  • Measure variability on every workstation to avoid risk and defects

    Discover inconsistencies in standardized work that could lead to defects and immediately create training exercises from video to avoid these risks.

  • Compare cycle times to discover new and better processes

    Instantly compare cycle times of different workstations/lines that are running different processes or experiments for the same product in order to quickly discover iterative improvements that can be standardized.

  • Automatically collect time and motion study data for continuous improvement velocity and cost savings

    Speed kaizens for better manual process improvements more often. Give your engineers a capacity boost and save on overhead costs.