Drishti laptop assembly


What is action recognition?

The only technology custom-built for manufacturers to capture every action on an assembly line.

Every now and then, a new technology emerges that fundamentally alters the status quo.  

In manufacturing today, that technology is action recognition from Drishti.

Traditional object recognition identifies a frame in 2D, and can identify a photo of a man standing next to an engine. Meanwhile, Drishti’s AI can process multiple frames, and includes a third dimension: time.

Man standing next to engine

Which means Drishti can tell you that the line associate installed the hose, threaded the start bolt, secured the start bolt, installed the wire connector and installed the fuel tube — in that order, and with a measure of how long each individual step in the cycle took.

Drishti can also flag when that order is not followed, or a step or cycle took longer than expected.

Because the AI can detect each distinct sequence, it can also automatically allocate times to each step in the process. And it can run continuously, indefinitely gathering this level of data on every single cycle on a line.

Manufacturers have never been well equipped with significant volumes of accurate, unbiased time and motion data — until Drishti. Drishti allows manufacturers to ensure standardized work adherence, identify bottlenecks, mistake-proof assembly lines, and audit their continuous improvement efforts.

Today this technology is deployed on assembly lines, but the implications for the future are vast. Action recognition technology can be used to improve processes wherever people are at work.