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Services & Consulting

Drishti's manufacturing experts ensure a smooth deployment with quick results.

Drishti's Customer Success team guides you to a smooth and successful implementation and a fruitful ongoing Drishti experience.

Point solutions based on prebuilt generic models provide limited use – both in breadth of application as well as length of continued value. Your manufacturing process is unique, and your measurement solution should be as well.

From its inception, Drishti recognized the need for flexibility, precision, and models built specifically for manufacturing operations.

Each Drishti system installed is designed, trained, and provisioned to view, record, and measure your unique standardized work. Once in place, your system can support numerous activities — time and motion studies, line balancing, anomaly detection, quality improvement and training, to name a few.

The Customer Success team

To help you be successful, Drishti has invested heavily in the development of our services program.

Your customer success manager(CSM), who has a long career in manufacturing and understands your environment, is held accountable for your positive Drishti experience.

The CSM is surrounded and supported by a customer success team that includes a representative from every department in Drishti. This structure enables the knowledge of and communication about your implementation at the grassroots level of our company.

You will meet the CSM early in the process of getting to know your company. They will discuss your manufacturing processes and plant environment to identify initial focus areas. The Drishti team will assess early on our ability to successfully install and implement within your facility. If we know we cannot optimize for your production process, we will convey these concerns. Our relationship with you will be based on trust and integrity.

Operations Management

Site Design

Once we've agreed that Drishti is a good fit, we will schedule a site evaluation with your organization. Our deployment engineering team will spend a few days with you to walk your line, evaluate the stations, determine appropriate camera types and assess camera placement. The result will be a documented blueprint of your facility with the technical specifications for implementation. We will also provide a bill of materials including all items you will need to order to prepare your facility. Should you need assistance with purchasing, we are happy to help.

Site Design

Decision Design

Along with the site evaluation, we work with your team to define your customized reporting dashboard. The various users are identified — executive management, line management, industrial engineers and even line workers. We'll work with you to provide information you can use to make daily strategic operational decisions, which is where you'll see the value in Drishti.

Decision Design

System Installation and Provisioning

Measurement accuracy requires unique setup. Generic models are inexpensive and quick, but you aren’t using a generic manufacturing process. Armed with the information gathered, Drishti designs a comprehensive and very specific measurement platform. We'll interview you and your team to ensure we have correctly defined your standardized work and noted any acceptable deviations. Drishti was built to detect and measure highly complex and variable processes. The customer success team includes a neural network engineer to assist in the accurate design of your provisioned platform.

Drishti will come on site and work directly with your team to review and approve the documentation of each station.

System Installationand Provisioning

System Review and Training

Once a system is provisioned, the CSM will review the dashboard and portal and provide your team with the appropriate training, either in person or remotely.

System Reviewand Training

Project Management

Drishti has a comprehensive project management template that we review with you. Early in the process, members of your organization become a critical component of the customer success team. Ultimately, the customer success team becomes a virtual corporation. Each member has access to the project plan and everyone’s responsibilities are tracked and reviewed in weekly meetings.

Project Management

Operations Management

Once Drishti is installed and reports are created, there are two levels of ongoing system management. One is to maintain the provisioned system — ensuring that the neural networks are always performing at optimum levels. Minor modifications or accidental movement of the cameras can impact the performance. Drishti monitors, manages and updates the system accordingly.

Drishti’s CSMs can also be available to monitor your operations once the system is generating reports and analyses. Building on their expertise in understanding the manufacturing process, this team of consultants can work directly with your team to evaluate the results as well as identify new projects to ensure day-to-day use of and ROI from Drishti.

Operations Management