Drishti Security & Privacy

Enterprise-level security and privacy to minimize risks and maximize business impact

Trusted by the world’s most advanced manufacturers

  • Robust security profile
  • Best-in-class cloud infrastructure
  • Enterprise-grade privacy controls
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Drishti customers use our AI-powered video analytics products to take the heavy lift out of deploying cutting edge technologies.

It’s a vertically integrated cloud-based SaaS application that:

Delivers video of the process on every manual assembly station providing complete traceability on production lines

Creates data on top of video streams with specialized neural networks trained within hours for cycle time analytics

Drives productivity-improving training content and decisions from insights on variability, line balance, bottlenecks and more

And it does it all while meeting our customers requirements for security and privacy.

Drishti security and privacy programs are built by a dedicated team of experts leveraging the Google Cloud Platform security infrastructure to deliver accessibility, integrity, availability and privacy, every day.