Drishti for Line level


Drishti for the Line Level

For workers and supervisors on the assembly line, Drishti provides immediate performance feedback and projections toward target production.

With Drishti, line supervisors can quickly identify bottlenecks as they happen. 

Drishti’s Live Production dashboard for supervisors helps improve line balancing, exposes bottleneck stations, and flags production shortfalls in advance so these issues can be addressed on the spot.

With video-backed data points, any long or short cycle can be scrutinized right away and the cause identified, whether it’s a missed step, a materials flow issue or any other concern.

Line supervisors will know within a shift whether stations are causing slowdowns or running at target cycle time. They can conduct quick on-the-job training if workers need a refresher on standard processes.

Live Production

Line supervisors using Drishti typically require fewer overtime shifts, because they’re better aware of proximity to production targets throughout the day.

Drishti helps assembly line workers, too. Not only does Drishti provide indisputable proof if a job has been completed as instructed, but the worker can also receive an immediate alert if he or she performs a step out of sequence, or a cycle is running too long or short.

Video Backed Data Points

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