Drishti for Quality Teams


Drishti for Quality

Use video and data from Drishti to prevent, detect, and trace defects.

Quality teams, spend days, weeks, and even months tracing root causes of defects in assembly. 

With Drishti, that root cause analysis process can be condensed down to minutes, and used to improve containment and control methods.

Using Drishti’s video-backed data, quality teams can check any cycle anomalies and quickly see whether the cause of the long or short cycle had the potential to impact unit quality. If so, using recorded video from every station, quality engineers can quickly search by unit serial number and watch its entire production lifecycle, station by station, determining exactly when and where a defect occurred.

Screen search serial numbers

Rather than scrap an entire lot, the team can watch other videos to see if the same issue was present, and isolate only the defective units for scrapping or rework — saving time, money, and reputational damage.

Video documentation provides a massive boost to creating alignment on and collaborating around quality controls. Drishti tags and video collaboration tasks remove quality control ambiguity and guesswork.

Screen search serial number scan

Digital poka yoke (error proofing)

Drishti also helps lower defect escape rates. Drishti can provide digital error-proofing, or poka yoke, by alerting assembly line workers in real time if a cycle has an abnormality, whether in duration or sequence.