Drishti for Plant Management


Drishti for Plant Management

Increase quality and throughput across stations, lines, and plants.

Each line equipped with Drishti has a distinct advantage in both throughput and quality of products produced.

Now imagine seeing those gains on every single line in a plant. 

Or across every plant in an organization.

Not only does Drishti provide a distinct competitive advantage, it makes critical plant management information on efficiency, quality, workforce optimization, and training needs available on a daily basis. Aside from 24/7 access through the Drishti Portal, Drishti delivers customized reports directly to your inbox.

Screen daily report

With Drishti’s video-based documentation and collaboration tools, sharing key metrics alongside objective performance evidence is automatic and happens right inside the Drishti Portal. Drishti can also integrate with your existing business intelligence tools to provide a comprehensive view of operations. Drishti eliminates ambiguity and accelerates continuous improvement efforts for maximum business impact.