Drishti for Engineering


Drishti for Engineering

Engineers can use Drishti to make continuous improvement exactly that — continuous.

Drishti takes the tedious part of industrial engineering — time studies — and automates them.

That means your engineers have, on average, 37% more time in their day to assess production data and make continuous improvements on the line.

Engineers use analytics and actionable insights from Drishti to uncover previously hidden opportunities for productivity improvement, such as bottleneck stations, unbalanced lines, material flow issues and station configuration problems. Drishti tags videos of these opportunities, helping engineers understand patterns and prioritize improvements by impact level.

With collaboration occurring right in the Drishti Portal, engineering teams find Drishti to be a key asset in their continuous improvement efforts.

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Support for kaizen continuous improvement events

Need to conduct a kaizen continuous improvement event? Instead of spending weeks prior to the event meticulously gathering data, Drishti runs continuously during that time and shares operational data with the kaizen team, who uses those insights to make process improvements. Drishti can provide pre- and post-performance analytics and comparison reports to ensure each improvement is implemented, sustained, and successful.

Ultimately, kaizen continuous improvement events supported by Drishti are shorter, more impactful, less costly to the business unit, and the improvements last longer.