How technology helps auto manufacturers
cope with industry change

Laurent Becher

Laurent Becher
Principal, Deloitte Consulting

Prasad Akella

Prasad Akella
Founder and CEO, Drishti

What innovations will help automakers and suppliers retain their footing in an uncertain future?

Join us for a live discussion to explore how OEMs and suppliers can use AI to be on the forefront of industry disruption as the automotive world adjusts to the new trends, including the rise of EVs, the popularity of AVs, the fallout of COVID-19 and more.

This discussion will also provide actionable advice on how to:

  • Use the disruption of AI and new technologies to your advantage
  • Overcome inertia and get buy-in on new tech from the C-suite 
  • Empower your front line associates to work smarter for you
  • Build ROI models that reflect the true costs and benefits of technology deployment (not just labor replacement models)
  • Drive new tech deployment at scale in your organization

We’ll also walk through real life cases studies showcasing how OEMs and suppliers use new technology to improve key metrics like throughput, defect rates, RCCA and more.

This workshop will show how the volume and quality of data that new technology provides can significantly improve your factory operations.

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