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Common Questions Manufacturers Ask About Drishti

Curious about how Drishti can help advance your discrete manufacturing organization? We're gathering the most common questions and answering them here.

All manufacturers

Drishti is easy to use and can be deployed quickly, and the benefits are clear within a few weeks. Engineering and line supervisors manage initial data for line layout; once cameras start recording and streams are captured, data collection is automatic.

Our Continuous Improvement Advisors (CIA) are Drishti’s industrial engineering experts who help deploy Drishti and ensure its data is used to the benefit of multiple teams, including industrial engineers, operations, quality, lean, line associates and the C-level. Because Drishti gathers data and provides clear insights at the point of action, its users can make better decisions, faster.

Drishti is built for the purpose of gathering data on manual assembly lines, not automated lines. Our research with Kearney revealed that 72% of tasks on the factory floor are still performed by people, but data on their actions is gathered with a stopwatch and is extremely deficient for a number of reasons.

Drishti can provide cycle time data on every single unit from every station on the line, helping you identify who is excelling, who needs more training, where the process design is convoluted and causing bottlenecks or quality risks, where standardized work is being followed and more.

Our cameras don’t watch the person, they watch the process. Our AI measures the activity at each workstation, and only stores data on the process — cycle times and more. It’s Drishti’s mission to extend human capabilities in an increasingly automated world, so it’s intended to help line associates do their best work. When video is shared with associates, it brings them into the improvement process, allowing them to showcase their ideas and be part of the solution. Read more about how line associates react to Drishti in this Wired article.

Hiring and training is critical for manufacturers. Just knowing that an untrained line associate worked on a perfectly assembled device could lead to internal quality incidents. Most line personnel need to be trained and certified for specific operations to stay in compliance with quality systems.

Because Drishti is always on and recording assembly processes, it serves as easy-to-use and easy-to-consume training content — particularly for millennials, who are currently the largest percentage of the workforce, and are much more inclined to watch video than read a manual. Drishti’s annotation tool provides tags that can be used to save segments of recordings and to filter a sequence of videos for training content. Line associates simply access them online from a web browser, watch, learn and contribute new ideas. New standardized work ideas can be captured and tagged as well, so better process methods can be codified, measured and shared.

Medical devices

Drishti combines AI and computer vision on manual assembly lines and kitting operations to give feedback and historic video traceability to manufacturers about quality, throughput, standardized work adherence, bottlenecks and more. It delivers video-backed data on every unit assembled, providing rock solid proof of conformance and driving continuous improvement efforts. Drishti’s AI-powered production software provides assurances to medical device manufacturers that the right products are assembled at the right cost, while maintaining high quality standards.

Medical device manufacturers capture video of every device assembled with Drishti. The solution is focused on process improvement, and therefore records the process — not the person. AI-powered video streams automatically measure workstation activity for rich assembly datasets that drive real-time analytics for continuous improvements. It gives manufacturers insights into their manual assembly lines with live streaming cameras, video search and visual traceability via instant playback for audits, investigations, training, root cause analysis, collaboration and more.

Drishti complements other systems used on the manufacturing floor, including MES, PLM and QMS systems. The unique visual traceability Drishti provides is powered by real-time video. Drishti can be integrated with MES systems to seamlessly transfer serial and lot numbers as well as timestamps of assembled units, making filtering and searching video easy and instant with a YouTube-like interface.

Drishti helps medical device manufacturers with quality control processes in assembly in a number of ways. First, because video provides an indisputable record of production, it supports manufacturers in nonconformance investigations and audits, as well as complaint resolution. Second, root cause analysis gets a productivity boost with quick access to video on device assembly.

Our customers have significantly decreased the time it takes to correct quality incidents, saving up to $175K a year on investigation processes alone. Finally, once an assignable root cause is found, Drishti not only provides indisputable evidence of an issue, but it also provides the ability to tag video for sharing with associates for training and collaboration on best practices. Because video is always on, standardized work can also be recorded and tagged to help improve assembly processes for prevention of further assembly errors.

Employing technologies that deliver immediate business impact can be a big source of competitive advantage for your company. Drishti is advancing AI for medical device manufacturers with effective, proven applications for continuous improvement processes on the manufacturing floor.

Innovative technology like Drishti is more than just a cool gadget. It delivers concrete, tangible business savings in a matter of weeks; check out what others have to say about Drishti for more information on the benefits. By helping to drive continuous improvement in the manufacturing process Drishti is bringing double digit improvements in throughput as well as defect reduction to lines that rely heavily on manual assembly.

Drishti works with medical device manufacturers to keep their assembly processes compliant. We also provide expert services to assist with ongoing continuous improvement projects, ensuring that Drishti works within your standard operating procedures. Drishti functions as a job aide for quality control processes and provides assurances that products were assembled correctly. When inspections are needed or test failures occur, Drishti helps quality engineers pinpoint non-standard work on the assembly line, to get the heart of nonconformance issues fast and start to resolve them immediately.

Drishti’s medical device projects span assembly use cases that include line transfers and training content, as well as those that expand into different areas of manufacturing, such as kitting and packing. Drishti delivers significant business impacts in productivity and quality, not only reflected in lower direct labor time and yield increases, but also improved quality control processes, such as CAPA.