AI-Powered Production: Using Drishti to improve assembly operations at scale

A few weeks ago, Drishti announced a lineup of new investors that includes Toyota AI Ventures, HELLA Ventures and Sumitomo’s investment group.

If you read the press release closely, you’ll  see this quote from an executive at Toyota:

“This volume and quality of data is valuable as Toyota embraces AI-powered production for a data-driven world.”

So what is AI-powered production? And how can it help your factory lower labor costs, improve quality, speed training and cope with COVID?

This webinar will answer these questions and more.

Join three Drishti employees — including a lean expert who is embedded directly on site at one of our biggest customers — to understand “AI-powered production” and, more importantly, its use cases and ROI. This includes:

  • Rapidly isolating the root cause of quality issues using video “instant replay”
  • Shortening line associate training times by using video for richer training experiences
  • Increasing throughput and optimizing line processes using Drishti’s continuous time-and-motion data creation
  • Sharing live video of the line to reduce travel times and costs
  • Identifying the sources of abnormal cycle times

Watch the replay

Who’s presenting on this webinar?

Sameer Gupta
Head of Customer Solutions
Responsible for defining customer value and ROI

Primo Garcia
Customer Experience Advisor
Responsible for creating value and ROI — embedded on a customer’s site

Dave Prager
Webinar moderator
Head of Marketing
Drishti employee #3