How Drishti works

More visibility, more data, more insights: with a system unlike any other, you'll achieve an end-to-end view and understanding of your assembly line.

Drishti offers the technology, expertise, and support you need to make lasting improvements to every assembly line, across the entire organization.

The technology: Drishti

Drishti uses AI-powered computer vision to extract process data from video streams; this is also called action recognition.

Rather than replace people in the factory with automation, Drishti works with everyone in the manufacturing ecosystem to elevate their potential and ultimately drive better business practices.

Every customer receives the Drishti camera equipment required to get up and running within days. You'll also have access to the Drishti portal with unlimited users.


We are here to support you

Drishti subscriptions come with a dedicated Customer Experience Team and an assigned Continuous Improvement Adviser. This team will help you with:

  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Deployment assistance
  • Continuous usage
  • LEAN consulting
Drishti Support

Expert guidance every step of the way

Drishti Continuous Improvement Advisers (CIA) are experienced industrial engineers who will help you deploy best practices to achieve your unique goals. Value-added services are optional with every deployment.

  • Time and motion studies with full Drishti annotation services
  • End-to-end kaizen events, including data analysis, improvement recommendations, and measurable results
  • Integration to MES and more
Inline image expertise

Speed returns on your AI investment

Advanced AI technology on the plant floor is now a reality within weeks.

Action recognition for cycle time measurement requires training AI models, but that process doesn't need to be overly time consuming. Drishti's patented neural networks ensure line variability doesn't interrupt data flow and cycle time metrics. And, when manual assembly processes change, models can be trained with less data to accelerate improvement processes and ramp production.

Drishti customers are improving processes with a continuous flow of real-time analytics and seeing results faster than ever before.