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Drishti Trace allows you to use live and recorded video from every station to improve assembly line quality and productivity.

Drishti Trace software

Use cases

remote manufacturing visibilityRemote visibility
Observe lines from anywhere in the world. Enables remote collaboration and facilitates social distancing.

collaboration and knowledge sharingCollaboration & knowledge sharing
Video is a powerful collaboration tool. Use it to syndicate best practices, speed NPI and share best practices across sites.

video-based trainingVideo-based training
Use video in classroom training and on the line. Educate operators faster. Use “instant replay” to see and learn from past performance.

serial number birth certificatesVideo “birth certificates”
Serial number search returns videos of assembly from each station. A “bill of process” to complement the bill of materials.

video root cause analysisVideo root cause analysis
Identify root cause using video evidence. Faster and more definitive than traditional investigatory methods.

rapid time studiesRapid time studies
Annotate timing data on top of any recorded video to make kaizen faster and more frequent.


Genba view

  • Live streaming video from every camera, available anywhere
  • No-click recording and storage
  • “Rewind” to replay by date, time, location, etc

Video search and share

  • Search by date, time, tag, product, other metadata
  • Search by serial number with MES integration in place
  • Sort results by closest to mean, longest cycle, etc.
  • Share videos and playlists with any Drishti user

Video tagging

  • Tag any video segment for searching or categorization.
  • Create custom or choose from pre-defined set of tags.

Video training for operators

  • Build video sets and playlists for training purposes.
  • Compare videos side-by-side to identify non-standard practices.
  • Rapidly build instructional content for classroom settings.
  • Share curated content for 1:1 operator guidance.

Video annotation

  • Add timing data on top of any stored video, far faster than traditional methods, free of observation bias.
  • Output your data — line balance, Yamazumi, histograms, and raw data formats.
  • Share videos and charts with other Drishti users.

Voices from the industry

“We see Drishti’s technology as a way to help everyone in the factory — including the line associates themselves — identify opportunities to improve performance and create greater value.”

“I’m pleased to see the impact Drishti has had on our people and processes. The potential we now see to achieve significant process gains while simultaneously helping our workforce add greater value is precisely why DENSO is so committed to exploring and implementing innovation with leading-edge startups like Drishti.”

“Most manufacturers lack meaningful data about manual assembly processes, because human actions are very difficult to measure. Drishti uses computer vision and AI to create continuous streams of data from video of manual actions.”

“At Flex, we have used Drishti to feed data back to our remote business operations center of excellence, where the industrial and lean engineers can analyze footage and solve problems without adding congestion to the floor.”

“As DENSO continues to transform into a true digital operation, having data on manual tasks fills a major gap in our analytics. Drishti’s continuous data creation offers productivity insights and quality metrics that help us make better decisions, faster.”

“In addition to providing valuable training and process optimization benefits, Drishti makes it easier for us to monitor operations remotely, search for key operation steps where quality issues are of concern, and it can also be used to assist protecting employees in parallel during unique times such as Covid-19.”

“Digitizing highly variable human motion continuously and in real time provides analytics insight that can significantly improve productivity, efficiency, and quality, as well as how we approach employee training.”

Users and benefits

For Quality Engineers:

  • Identify defects and analyze root cause using video evidence — faster and greater accuracy than with traditional methods.
  • Identify appropriate countermeasures to reduce defects with less effort and expense
  • Respond to customer claims using video evidence for faster resolution and greater transparency.
  • Improve collaboration with internal stakeholders by sharing videos and findings.

For Management:

  • Improve visibility into line activities.
  • Review past and present activities from any location.

For Trainers and Line Managers:

  • Ramp operators faster using video as a teaching tool.
  • Avoid arguments about blame and fault with video as objective evidence.
  • Improve line morale by enabling operators to share evidence of new ideas.

For Process and Industrial Engineers:

  • Perform time studies faster, with no observation bias.
  • Use remote visibility to mitigate the need to travel for the line.
  • Measure incidental timings on demand, without waiting for changeovers or materials loading.


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