Drishti Flow

Use AI to pinpoint line variability and bottlenecks

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Drishti Flow adds AI on top of Drishti Trace that continuously measures cycle time, letting you closely monitor & rapidly improve line performance.

Drishti Flow

Use cases

Live line monitoring and managementLive line monitoring & management
Get cycle time data from each station, continuously. Each data point is backed by video. Quickly identify and solve problems that block throughput.

Operator feedback and trainingOperator feedback & training
Provide operators with in-station feedback on cycle time performance. Use video as “instant replay” for spot-training.

Remote process improvementRemote process improvement
No need to travel to the line to gather data or study production. Collaborate across sites and time zones, easily.

Kaizen accelerationKaizen acceleration
Automate the data collection aspects of kaizen. Engineers see a capacity boost. They improve processes faster, with less effort and greater impact.

Process controlProcess control
Manage process variation by studying outlier cycles and correcting the execution of standardized work.

NPI and production transferNPI and production transfer
Use data and video to rapidly build a body of process knowledge. Benchmark production sites. Cross language and cultural barriers using data and video.


Live production monitoring

  • Live cycle time data from every station, aggregated into dashboards (5 minute refresh rate).
  • Visualize bottleneck cycle time and station performance, on a unit-by-unit basis.
  • Visually spot outliers or other issues.
  • Click each datapoint for video to identify root cause.

Advanced spot training

  • Use video on your line like a coach uses instant replay.
  • Rapidly & collaboratively resolve performance variation.

In-station operator feedback

  • Real-time feedback to operators via in-station HMI
  • “Pacer” guides operators to hit target cycle times.

Process analytics

  • Line balance dashboard, station histogram and more.
  • Filter the data by date, shift, product and other criteria.

Advanced tagging and searching

  • Add descriptive tags to video of any individual cycle.
  • Search and filter video of cycles to identify best practices, duration outliers, or to curate playlists.
  • Share your data and video with any team member.

Cycle time trends

  • See daily cycle time trends to review the impact of change over time.
  • Click each data point for a playlist of video from the bottleneck station.

Voices from the industry

“We see Drishti’s technology as a way to help everyone in the factory — including the line associates themselves — identify opportunities to improve performance and create greater value.”

“I’m pleased to see the impact Drishti has had on our people and processes. The potential we now see to achieve significant process gains while simultaneously helping our workforce add greater value is precisely why DENSO is so committed to exploring and implementing innovation with leading-edge startups like Drishti.”

“Most manufacturers lack meaningful data about manual assembly processes, because human actions are very difficult to measure. Drishti uses computer vision and AI to create continuous streams of data from video of manual actions.”

“At Flex, we have used Drishti to feed data back to our remote business operations center of excellence, where the industrial and lean engineers can analyze footage and solve problems without adding congestion to the floor.”

“As DENSO continues to transform into a true digital operation, having data on manual tasks fills a major gap in our analytics. Drishti’s continuous data creation offers productivity insights and quality metrics that help us make better decisions, faster.”

“In addition to providing valuable training and process optimization benefits, Drishti makes it easier for us to monitor operations remotely, search for key operation steps where quality issues are of concern, and it can also be used to assist protecting employees in parallel during unique times such as Covid-19.”

“Digitizing highly variable human motion continuously and in real time provides analytics insight that can significantly improve productivity, efficiency, and quality, as well as how we approach employee training.”

Users and benefits

For Process Engineers:

  • Eliminate the time spent gathering data by hand.
  • Identify optimization opportunities that could not be found using traditional methods.
  • Improve the process faster, with larger gains.
  • Collaborate more effectively with remote colleagues using sharing tools.
  • Easily evaluate operator ideas for process improvement.

For Operators:

  • Improve output with real-time feedback on cycle time performance.
  • More easily share ideas for process improvement with engineers.
  • Learn from past performance on video.
  • Avoid incorrect blame for issues with video as an objective record of truth.

For Supervisors:

  • Get greater visibility into line performance.
  • Respond faster to bottlenecks and variation, with video providing greater insight into their cause.
  • Reduce overtime and hit production targets.
  • Solve problems more collaboratively with operators using video instant replay.
  • Perform richer shift handovers by sharing information using data and video.


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