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Enterprise SaaS subscription on Google Cloud

Simple, non-intrusive deployment

Start streaming 90 days from today

10 weeks until measurable ROI — and we’ll help

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How to buy Drishti

Drishti is an enterprise SaaS solution, powered by Google Cloud.

Our professional teams will guide you through an enterprise purchase process in 90 days or less. This includes the following milestones:

  • Discovery and identification of meaningful value creation
  • Deep dive with factory SMEs to identify illness and opportunities
  • Live webinar with factory management for alignment and momentum
  • SOW and proposal for a 1st-year subscription, targeted towards specific lines and needs, with clear KPIs and goals
  • Deployment of cameras around Day 90, with a 10-week plan to quantify ROI (see below)
  • Guided installation and comprehensive training by named Drishti personnel

To get started, request a demo.

Requirements for deployment

Drishti is non-intrusive and easy to deploy

  • No need to redesign stations
  • No need to redesign processes
  • No AR/VR glasses
  • No specialized operator training or equipment
  • No heavy equipment to install

Drishti is easy to use

  • No need to hire programmers or data scientists
  • Apps designed for end-users, not power users
  • Web-based app works on any laptop or desktop
  • Mobile-friendly features for on-the-line usage

Typical requirements:

  • Unobstructed view of the work area at each station
  • Minimal occlusion by operator movements
  • Camera mounting to minimize vibration
  • Drishti provides firewall, switches, cameras and in-station feedback hardware
  • Drishti supports remote deployment: Customers can install Drishti themselves with guidance and assistance by Drishti’s experts
line operator on an automotive assembly line
birds eye view of manual assembly line with no social distancing
line operators hands on an assembly line

How you’ll see ROI

Your subscription to Drishti is kicked off with a 10-week program to drive ROI. Our methodology helps you quickly isolate the impact of Drishti’s video analytics and video traceability on quality, productivity, and training.

At the end of this period, you’ve achieved two goals: you’ve seen ROI on your initial investment, and you’ve learned how to calculate the ROI of Drishti.

Deploy Drishti cameras on live stations

Weeks 1–5
Prove ROI for Drishti’s video traceability tools. Use cases include training, remote visibility, inspection, and root cause analysis. Drishti assists with education and workflow design.

Week 6
Prove ROI for Drishti’s process optimization tools. Drishti facilitates a kaizen event, using process analysis data created by Drishti’s tools and services.

Weeks 7-10
Post-kaizen monitoring to confirm impact and ROI

Beyond 10 weeks
Review with the leadership team as you continue to explore new use cases

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