AI-powered video traceability and analytics technology

Drishti is ushering in the next generation of lean manufacturing: AI-powered production.

Benefits of Drishti

Launch assembly changes that have system-wide impact on lasting quality, productivity, and training improvements never before possible.

  • Make more well-informed decisions for system-wide advancements
  • Eliminate "black holes" of data and root cause guesswork
  • Provide more effective training materials
  • Increase quality and productivity
  • Improve output, quality yield
  • Increase standardized work adherence
  • Achieve insights within weeks for fast ROI
  • Gain customer confidence

Discover groundbreaking insights with AI-powered live and recorded video, analytics, and insights from every station across the organization

Drishti features

Drishti’s technology enables manufacturers to literally see and understand a problem in a matter of minutes, not weeks. All products include:

  • Station-by-station assembly line view for a comprehensive picture
  • Near immediate insights: Understand the what, when, and why
  • Practical AI analytics and video traceability, quickly deployed
  • Privacy-enabled video and secure infrastructure
  • Installation guidance and support
  • All hardware and network software for a complete deployment
  • Access to the Drishti portal with unlimited users
Overhead printer

Drishti is ideal for manual assembly lines that are:

Highly Visible

Each work station should have an unobstructed view and minimal occlusion by line associate movements, so the cameras can follow station activities.


The line associate must be making manual movements that are repetitive so that we can record and measure.


Each line associate's station must be fixed. The cameras are mounted above the station to minimize vibration and cannot be moved.


The manufacturer must have a high bandwidth internet connection to enable Drishti to transfer the data.

With guidance from Drishti, customers are able to easily install the cameras. If all of these requirements fit your assembly line, Drishti is a good fit for you.