Drishti’s products

Drishti Trace and Drishti Flow

Why deploy Drishti on your manual assembly lines?

What we do

Drishti captures video and data from manual activities at every station on the line.

Your engineers, trainers, quality teams, team leaders, and line operators use the Drishti Portal to turn this visibility and insight into quick and widely impactful action.

Why it matters

Our simple value proposition is that IIoT projects cannot gather data from the ~70% of factory activities that are performed by people.

Drishti fills in that data gap using AI and video, helping you find many new opportunities to improve assembly line quality, productivity, training, and operator engagement.

Our software products

Drishti Trace logo

Use live and recorded video from every station to improve assembly line quality and productivity.

Drishti Trace software
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Deploy AI that continuously measures cycle time to monitor and rapidly improve line performance.

Drishti Flow software

Doing business with Drishti

Enterprise SaaS subscription on Google Cloud

Simple, non-intrusive deployment

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