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Manufacturing on the Mic
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Can’t get enough manufacturing with Drishti? Want to hear more about how manufacturers around the globe are making continuous improvement constant, but just don’t have the time to read it all?

We’ve got you covered.

We’re introducing a new Drishti RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed so you can hear from Drishti whenever you want. Think of it as a podcast, but not. You can subscribe to our RSS, Manufacturing on the Mic with Drishti, and get all our latest audio content just like you would a podcast.

To subscribe:

  1. Copy the URL using the button below
  2. Open your podcast provider, then select add -> RSS (the icon looks like this )
  3. Paste the URL, and you should see the Manufacturing on the Mic logo in your podcast list. Whenever new content is available, it will be automatically pushed to your device to stream -on the go, at your desk, during your commute, or whenever you’re ready to listen.

We’re excited to share interviews, expert discussions, audio versions of our blogs and white papers and more. Thanks for subscribing!