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Packaging and Kitting Fulfillment Services

Kitting and packaging can be a complex manual assembly line process, especially when precision and quality is paramount to success.

Packaging and kitting assembly line success depends on two critical factors:

  1. Ensuring the right product is in the right package, every single time
  2. Assembling the appropriate components of each package without fail

The secret to accomplishing both of these feats?


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Medical Device Packaging and Kitting Fulfillment

Learn how a medical device manufacturer reduced the business risk of packaging mistakes.

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Drishti helps reduce the costs of packaging or kitting errors

In manufacturing companies such as medical device, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage, industry, packaging mistakes can create just as much business risk as product defects.

Reduce the time required to investigate abnormalities, and provide traceability to reduce the risk of high-cost fallout in the event that a defect is caught in the field.

The costs of packaging or kitting errors on the assembly line can, even for “simple” packaging mistakes, be in the range of tens of millions of dollars. Drishti helps mitigate and even eliminate errors on the line.

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When a manufacturer is trying to implement continuous improvement, it can get significant leverage using technologies such as computer vision and analytics versus people observing in person and then making changes.

Nick Patience, Lead Analyst for AI and Machine Learning, 451 Research (S&P Global Market Intelligence)

Benefits for packaging and kitting fulfillment services

Empower your industrial engineers, manufacturing teams, quality personnel, and line associates with analytics they need to:

  • Proactively monitor process variance for abnormalities.
  • Investigate abnormalities exponentially faster.
  • Reduce risk in the event of escaped defects.
  • Decrease the risk of regulatory fines, recalls, and brand damage.
  • Decrease expensive or time-consuming actions, including recalling entire batches to inspect and validate them.