Medical Device Manufacturing


Medical Device Manufacturing

Top innovators in cardiology products work with Drishti to increase quality, mitigate recall and warranty risks, and provide customers a level of confidence that can lead to additional business and referrals.

Medical device assembly line success depends on two critical factors:

  1. Zero defects
  2. Complete traceability

The secret to accomplishing both of these feats?


Balance risk and throughput in a highly regulated industry with a level of insight about your manual assembly lines never thought possible.

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A Global Leader in Medical Device Manufacturing

A global leader in medical device manufacturing uses Drishti to make line transfers faster while cutting travel time and costs.

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Efficient, low-cost AI-powered production in a highly regulated world

Medical device manufacturers have two imperatives: Zero defects and complete traceability.

High risk devices, such as ostomy bags, IVs, stent delivery and all Class II/III devices, need efficient, lowest-cost production while maintaining important quality measures in a highly regulated manufacturing environment.

Decisions must be well-informed to increase productivity and lower production costs, while maintaining high quality.

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Advancing medical device manufacturing like never before

Drishti empowers your medical device manufacturers to maintain a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Capture video and data of every medical device assembled at each stage of its journey down a manual assembly line.
  • Easily and quickly view cycle time analytics and retrieve video for immediate review.

Drishti’s proprietary AI models turn video into data, analytics, and insights to provide the first ever complete measurement of manual medical device assembly.


Drishti’s continuous data creation offers productivity insights and quality metrics that help us make better decisions, faster.

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Benefits for medical device manufacturers

Empower your industrial engineers, manufacturing teams, quality personnel, and line associates with analytics they need to:

  • Track, trace, and train, instantly
  • Reduce defects and the costs of assembly errors
  • Shorten the time required for internal quality audits
  • Increase standardized work adherence
  • Isolate bottlenecks and identify sources of variability
  • Accelerate kaizen events while increasing their effectiveness
  • Improve training for line associates
  • Improve root cause analysis and decrease time to problem discovery
  • Accelerate NPI processes