Electronics Manufacturing


Electronics Manufacturing

Two of the top three global electronics contract manufacturers work with Drishti for video analytics and video traceability on their manual assembly lines.

Electronics assembly line success depends on two critical factors:

  1. Testing new products and entering new markets faster
  2. Lowering costs and improving the quality of existing products

The secret to accomplishing both of these feats?


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Top Electronics Contract Manufacturer

This top electronics contract manufacturer sets continuous improvement benchmarks and achieves a 25% increase in throughput with Drishti.

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Drishti drives AI-powered production that improves decisions on the electronics factory floor

Now you can automate the process of collecting assembly data on manual production lines, including lower volume, high mix consumer electronics, such as servers, 5G equipment, and high-end AV equipment.

With cameras collecting data on every station on the line, Drishti captures every single cycle and creates analytics backed by video that is easily searchable and retrievable.

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Comprehensive reports

Our proprietary AI models turn video into data and analytics on every cycle, which we push to you so you can:

Identify and remediate bottlenecks

Spot and correct standardized work deviations

Control for quality and train your line associates

With Drishti, you'll receive detailed cycle time data at a level of precision never seen before in continuous improvement processes.