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Consumer Goods and Industrial Manufacturing

Drishti works with the largest consumer and professional tools manufacturers in the world to empower their industrial, quality, and test engineers with insights on exactly where to focus their improvement efforts to optimize their assembly lines.

Industrial assembly line success depends on two critical factors:

  1. Testing new products and entering new markets faster
  2. Lowering costs and improving the quality of existing products

See how Drishti facilitates the work of people in the consumer goods and industrial manufacturing industry and their assembly lines through video and automated AI.

Industrial consumer power tools case hero

How a Tools Manufacturer Accelerated Testing Processes with Drishti

This leading power tools manufacturer accelerates testing processes to exceed the expectations of customers.

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Drishti drives AI-powered production that improves decisions on the line.

AI-powered production from Drishti is ideal for consumer and industrial makers of:

High-volume components, high-volume engines and power trains

Smaller assembled products, like commodity sensors for different applications, and appliances, mass produced goods and tools.

High volume, low mix products, such as valves, compressors, and pumps