Automotive OEMS and Suppliers

Three of the top 10 automotive manufacturers and six of the top 10 auto tier suppliers work with Drishti and use our manufacturing data analytics to meet customer demands.

How do top organizations within the automotive industry leverage Drishti? Our clients share how our technology works in the real world.

Automotive assembly line success depends on two critical factors:

  1. Testing new products and processes and entering new markets faster

  2. Lowering costs while maintaining zero PPM defect rates

Drishti accomplishes both to improve manufacturing operational efficiency.

Take a look at how Drishti provides the automotive industry with a comprehensive view of the entire manual assembly line - from each station across the organization - for near-immediate insight into what just happened and why.

HELLA: Global tier one automotive supplier

HELLA deployed Drishti on a line believed to be fully optimized. Ten weeks later, HELLA’s team members had found new areas for improvement using Drishti’s AI manufacturing insights.

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Drishti drives AI-powered production that improves decisions

Automated lines have always generated plenty of data. Now you can automate the process of collecting assembly data on manual production lines, too.

With cameras collecting data from every station on the line, Drishti captures every single cycle data point, and stores the video for quick searches and retrieval for improved product lifecycle management.


Comprehensive reports

Our proprietary AI models turn assembly line video data into analytics and insights on every manufacturing cycle, which we push to you so you can:

  • Identify and remediate bottlenecks

  • Spot and correct standardized work deviations

  • Control for quality and train your line associates

With Drishti, you’ll receive detailed cycle time data at a volume and level of precision never seen before in continuous improvement processes.

Automotive manufacturers are now empowered to optimize their lines without limits on data collected or kaizen events managed.

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Standardized work is the foundation of our assembly operations, and finding opportunities to improve adherence has the potential to significantly boost our productivity.

Marcos Aurelio Alves Junior, Operational Excellence and Industrial Engineering Manager, HELLA

Benefits for automotive OEMs and suppliers

Empower your industrial engineers, manufacturing teams, quality personnel, and their line associates with the manufacturing analytics they need to:

  • Reduce defects

  • Increase standardized work adherence

  • Isolate bottlenecks and identify sources of variability

  • Accelerate kaizen events while increasing their effectiveness

  • Improve training for line associates

  • Improve root cause analysis and decrease time to problem discovery

  • Accelerate NPI processes

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Ford Motor Company

At CES 2021, Deloitte invited Drishti to present a world debut of our manufacturing AI work with Ford.

Here’s what the audience saw