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Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and defense industries are critically important to the safety and security of our nation; in turn, Drishti is committed to helping improve quality and productivity in these environments while providing the same level of safety and security to its A&D customers.

Complex Regulatory Environments

Similar to the medical devices space, aerospace and defense production represents a more complex umbrella of regulations than standard industrial manufacturing.

In aerospace and defense manufacturing, organizations often have to be compliant with federal standards, policies, laws and regulations including NIST, DoD CMMC, FedRAMP, and ITAR.

A heightened need for infosec

As a result of the regulatory environment, aerospace and defense manufacturers have more stringent information security needs. These manufacturers need to be able to both segregate data and ensure its confidentiality.

Drishti provides a highly secure platform for your data. We understand that you have special needs above and beyond most manufacturers and we are prepared to help ensure the security of your information and make sure you comply with the web of policies and regulations to which you are beholden.

We are in the process of building a FedRAMP-compliant environment in which we make sure that your data is properly protected and segregated in accordance with federal regulations.

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Quality control in high-risk production

Aerospace and defense have potentially high-risk end products. Risk mitigation and quality control are essential when the final product could be incorporated into munitions or flight hardware.

Aerospace and defense manufacturing processes are tightly controlled as a result.

Manufacturers need to ensure the process is being done correctly, remove the potential for any defects, and have complete traceability.

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Drishti is the ultimate partner for defense assembly

Drishti empowers aerospace and defense manufacturers to maintain a culture of continuous improvement while mitigating the risks associated with production. It’s the perfect solution for ensuring that standardized work and best practices are followed to the letter. 

With Drishti, manufacturers can:

  • Capture video and associated assembly data of every product at each stage of its manufacturing journey.

  • Easily and quickly view cycle time and step analytics and retrieve video and associated insights for immediate review.

  • Rest assured in Drishti’s safety protocol adherence and culture of privacy.

Drishti’s patented AI models turn video into data, analytics, and insights to provide the first ever complete measurement of assembly operations with full process adherence and material traceability for serialized products.

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