Gain insights into data strategies from Drishti and an IBM consultant: How to Operationalize Manufacturing Data for Industry 4.0

Drishti will be joined by veteran IBM Consultant, Jim Little. With 17+ years helping industrial businesses in lean transformation, Jim is an expert in understanding data based business principles.

Manufacturers are sitting on a wealth of valuable data. Modern analytics solutions now give leaders a unique opportunity to share this data across their teams. But many lack the understanding of the best way to use the data and how to implement it properly.

Join this webinar to:

  • Learn how to shift from a data rich, information poor environment

  • Understand how to manage data deluges into meaningful insights

  • Find out how to use data to democratize assembly lines for better decision making

This webinar will help you become the best data user in your factory. You will increase your skills as well as acquire new knowledge. Save your seat today!