DENSO: $46B Japanese Auto Tier 1 Manufacturer

Deployed on multiple lines in North America, Drishti’s solution has accelerated DENSO’s digital transformation, optimized manufacturing processes, reduced waste, and supported production employees since 2017.

Client Overview

DENSO is the world’s second largest mobility supplier that develops advanced technology and components for nearly every vehicle make and model on the road today.

With manufacturing at its core, DENSO invests in its 221 facilities in 35 countries to produce thermal, powertrain, mobility, electrification, and electronic systems, to create jobs that directly change how the world moves.

The company’s 170,000+ employees are paving the way to a mobility future that improves lives, eliminates traffic accidents, and preserves the environment.

The challenge: achieve significant process gains while helping their workforce add greater value

One of DENSO’s goals is to create and inspire new value for advanced mobility using disruptive technology. With Drishti, their aim was to optimize manufacturing production at several of its North American facilities.

Specifically, they wanted to achieve significant process gains while simultaneously helping their workforce add greater value.

They understood that digitizing highly variable human motion continuously and in real time would provide analytics insight that could significantly improve productivity, efficiency, and quality, as well as how they approached employee training.

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The solution: real-time, continuous analytics on manual tasks

Drishti’s action recognition technology, which is enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision, allows DENSO to generate real-time, continuous analytics on manual tasks performed by its production employees. This dataset grants production management the ability to quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks, improve processes, boost efficiency, and prioritize tasks.

These capabilities increase production outputs, improve product quality and consistency, and assist production employees in their day-to-day assignments, which helps them identify how they and their teams can better streamline processes. 

"Drishti’s continuous data creation offers productivity insights and quality metrics that help us make better decisions, faster.” 

—Dave Grimmer, SVP, Head of NA Production Innovation Center

The results: continuous data creation that offers productivity insights and quality metrics for better decisions, faster

Drishti brings DENSO, for the first time, analytical and quantitative insights into the performance of manual operations. This occurs in real-time and continuously, which means Drishti generates massive amounts of data they didn't have before that can help fuel quick decisions.

Drishti's technology produces datasets for DENSO that are:

  • Much larger than those produced by traditional time and motion studies
  • Filling a major gap in analytics
  • More diverse and enriched by video
  • Enabling data-driven decisions not previously possible
  • Focused on supporting the people that are central to manufacturing

The benefits of these massive datasets extend beyond the production floor to DENSO's leadership and engineers, who use Drishti's technology to gather production feedback and make decisions on design and organizational management. Drishti has dramatically increased the speed at which DENSO implements Kaizen, or continuous improvement, principles.

“This tool will preserve jobs because performance in every category will improve and there’s less reason for DENSO to consider expensive automation.”

—Raja Shembekar, VP, NA Production Innovation Center