NVIDIA Top 5 AI Companies in North America

Four years and four months ago, I got a call from my old boss, a guy named Prasad Akella. I remember our first meeting at that Starbucks on California Avenue, squinting over a PowerPoint deck in the bright sun that outlined his vision for a company called “NewCo.” I remember coming home and telling my wife, “Prasad has a really interesting idea. I think I want to get involved.”

Four years and four months later, NewCo — or, as it’s now called, Drishti — has been named one of the Top AI companies in North America by no less of an authority than NVIDIA, the company whose chips have powered the AI revolution.

As part of this recognition, we publicly revealed a video of our AI-powered production technology in action on the factory floor at ZF — the first time our AI has ever been publicly shown.

Drishti is transforming the factory floor by providing manufacturers with more data than has ever been possible from their assembly operations. How? By using computer vision and AI to digitize the actions performed by humans, not machines.

With 70+% of activities on the assembly line still manual, manufacturers who use Drishti are no longer blind to what’s happening on their lines. And with that data, manufacturers like ZF can augment their line associates, retain jobs on the floor and accelerate their traditional manufacturing processes.

In fact, Joe Gauss, vice president at ZF, said about Drishti: “Based on data and insights gathered from their AI-powered tools,

Drishti’s technology allowed ZF to gain a clearer understanding of our manual manufacturing processes. This deeper understanding will drive improved manufacturing process reliability in terms of quality and throughput.”

The video we shared today lays out how Drishti answers three questions that manufacturers have never historically been able to answer:

  • What just happened?
  • What’s happening now?
  • How do we improve what happens next?

It’s remarkable to think that manufacturers haven’t been able to decisively answer those questions until now. But they’ve never had tools beyond stopwatches to gather data, which made it difficult to truly deduce root cause and implement fixes to improve future performance. You can watch Drishti’s full presentation from the NVIDIA GTC below.

You can read more about what Drishti has been working on for the past few years, and why we shared our story at NVIDIA, in today’s press release. Meanwhile, if you want to get Drishti in your factory, let us know. We’re here to get you to the next era of manufacturing: AI-powered production.