How Drishti ruins the hard-boiled detective story

When Raymond Chandler sat down to write a Philip Marlowe novel, he sent his detective on a sprawling investigation, careening from drunken socialites to devious bookies to murderous barons, stumbling through speakeasies and high society with equal disdain in the search of an ambiguous truth.  Marlowe’s investigations give us phrases like “the muzzle of the […]

Poor quality is expensive: Reducing quality costs in medical device manufacturing

For many manufacturers, the economics of quality is a simple cost-benefit analysis: investing in quality manufacturing is worth the associated payoff in customer satisfaction, retention, reputation and more. (For a full discussion about the costs and benefits of quality in manufacturing, you should read our whitepaper on The Butterfly Defect.) If the costs of providing […]

How factory video traceability lowers quality costs

Back in April, one month into California’s lockdown, my wife and I decided to “celebrate” (in coronavirus-fashion) our anniversary by ordering take-out from one of our favorite restaurants. This being the height of quarantine, the restaurant’s normally packed parking lot was nearly empty. One might assume, then, that with demand down, my order would get […]

The looming assembly line quality crisis

As factories reopen following COVID-19 shutdowns, the number one thing on everyone’s mind is worker health, and rightfully so. The biggest risk to any organization today is the health and safety of its people. But once this risk is mitigated, a second risk will assert itself: the measures put in place to protect associate health […]