Model lines are worth the (significant) effort

The model line. It’s a lot of work to set one up, and it can take a long time to yield results.  But a model line can be really useful when introducing concepts, like lean, or new technologies, like Drishti, to an organization. Gaining insights from a model line can take time, but if you […]

Traceability with Drishti means indisputable proof

The concept of traceability in manual assembly is pretty straightforward: When a customer calls about a product, whether it’s because of a perceived defect or a question about a part, you can find that exact unit and follow it all the way through the assembly cycle. On most factory floors, traceability is much less straightforward. […]

Drishti is Mario’s warp whistle for HELLA’s assembly lines

Thirty years ago, Super Mario Bros. 3 was released in North America. Like most American teenagers, I was immediately enthralled; unlike most American teenagers, I didn’t have my own copy. I had to continuously invent excuses to get myself invited to my cousin’s house to play. Sitting in Uncle Gary’s basement, I got pretty good […]