Kirti Goel, UX Researcher


Kirti Goel, UX Researcher

My journey as a UX researcher and designer for over a decade has been gratifying. I enjoy carving solutions to complex & challenging new-age technological problems. Within an organization, I am the user advocate and product thinker, in short, I ensure we are creating not only delightful experiences but also optimal and relevant ones!

My early days experience at frog design, a design consulting firm, and internet companies, such as PayPal, TeleNav, and NetApp, has laid my UX foundations and allowed me to take up the mission of contributing to the product growth of tech startups. I have a Bachelor’s from IIT Guwahati and a Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction from the Georgia Institute of Technology. With the experience of working in the Bay Area, California, and in Bangalore, I have relished the diversity the tech world offers.

Playing with my beautiful toddler daughter takes most of my time outside work, lego block being my personal favorite lately. Watching her use multiple GUI’s with ease, makes me wonder that kids are probably the best test users of a UI language.

I have pursued my hobby of singing through my college days and still like to dabble in Indian classical. Sometimes I do like to catch up on documentaries or do some online learning to hone my skills and stay updated. I have been passionate about the cause of education to uplift the unfortunate ones, and have in my personal capacity educated underprivileged kids.


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