When Raymond Chandler sat down to write a Philip Marlowe novel, he sent his detective on a sprawling investigation, careening from drunken socialites to devious bookies to murderous barons, stumbling through speakeasies and high society with equal disdain in the search of an ambiguous truth. 

Marlowe’s investigations give us phrases like “the muzzle of the Luger looked like the mouth of the Second Street tunnel” and “It seemed like a nice neighborhood to have bad habits in.”

A Drishti investigation is much less dramatic.

Drishti Trace provides complete visual traceability on assembly lines. Our software makes root cause investigations as easy as using YouTube. Where Philip Marlowe would follow a complex narrative arc across the seedy streets of Los Angeles, the narrative arc of a Drishti investigation is much more simple:

  1. A unit has a problem
  2. A Drishti user sees what happened on video
  3. The team deploys countermeasures and the problem goes away

Two such stories are below, coming to us from Drishti’s CXP team (that is, our team of lean experts who work hand-in-hand with our customers to provide training, service and manufacturing expertise). 

These stories are quick and anticlimactic. And that’s the point: With Drishti technology, investigations don’t need to be detective novels.

The first story comes to us from our CXA who works with an auto OEM customer:

“A—– shared with me yesterday that [OEM] had a reject that was caught internally on the VQ line this past Monday afternoon.  The operator dropped one of the bolts on the surface of the engine block, which eventually made it inside the engine.  

“The quality defect was found in their heavy truck repair area, after it failed one of their tests. Using some info found in the serial number, they called A—– who then, knowing her line’s process and timing for each unit, pinpointed back to a specific station — which, fortunately, had Drishti installed. 

“Using the Rewind function in our Portal, she was watching video of the bolt being dropped about two minutes after she sat down. She traced the bolt’s journey from station to station: It rested on the engine block through two stations, and finally fell inside the engine at the third station.

“A—– told me today that this video helped them decide to add a countermeasure to their line (add a seal/cover to the crank sprocket opening where the bolt fell into) upstream to prevent this from happening again. In addition, they are reviewing other stations and lines to systemically prevent this altogether.”

That story is cool… but boring. Where is Philip Marlowe’s opportunity to grill suspects, tail accomplices, or get beaten up in the parking lot? How does he earn his $25 daily retainer?

Here’s another example, this one from our CXA who works with an auto tier one.

“J—– shared with Matt and I this morning that [tier one] received a customer return last Thursday. Apparently, [OEM] reported an issue citing a key fob they received that did not fit correctly.  

“Using Drishti’s Rewind feature, the production team leader confirmed in 20 minutes that the key fob was correctly assembled, and shared the video with the customer directly.

“This was a huge deal because without Drishti, it would’ve taken them 2 months to resolve this concern.”

Technology that lets a 2-month-long case be resolved in 20 minutes? Philip Marlowe would hate Drishti.