Data makes kaizen events shorter and more impactful

I’m a big fan of kaizen events. My background is in lean engineering, and if there’s one thing that makes a lean engineer salivate, it’s continuous improvement. Over the past few years, I’ve both conducted kaizen events as a process engineer and helped customers with kaizens as the head of continuous improvement with Drishti. All […]

3 ways to build trust in manufacturing data

After decades with little data, Industry 4.0 brings significantly more data into the factory. Here’s how manufacturers can adjust to the new normal.

The data outlier that wasn’t: Going beyond a normal world

For years before I came to Drishti, I worked in finance and trading, a field where literally every decision is driven by numbers and data. With data driving the entire industry, the quality of data was critical for professional application. Early in my career, I learned that in some data sources, errors and outliers are […]

From 10 to 10,000: More data paints a more accurate picture

Manufacturers have access to more data than ever. More data paints a more accurate picture, and manufacturers can leverage that data to draw better conclusions.