“First of all, Toyota is also aspiring to be like Toyota.”

Last week, Drishti put on the webinar of a lifetime (at least, for people who geek out over manufacturing): It featured Dr. Jeffrey Liker, author of The Toyota Way, in conversation with Raja Shembekar, VP at DENSO, who lives and breathes the Toyota Production System out in the field every day. The thesis of the webinar, […]

Drishti is Mario’s warp whistle for HELLA’s assembly lines

Thirty years ago, Super Mario Bros. 3 was released in North America. Like most American teenagers, I was immediately enthralled; unlike most American teenagers, I didn’t have my own copy. I had to continuously invent excuses to get myself invited to my cousin’s house to play. Sitting in Uncle Gary’s basement, I got pretty good […]

Process investments: As important as product, but often ignored

In assembly, codifying the process through standardized work is paramount to high quality and throughput. That’s why standardized work is a one of the foundational disciplines of the Toyota Production System. It doesn’t totally connect, then, that spending on process improvements lags far behind spending on product development. In fact, the manufacturing team often has […]

AI-powered production and a Coors Field miracle

25 years ago, one of Drishti’s executives called in sick from his summer job at a Denver-area Subway and went to a baseball game at the brand new Coors Field. There, he witnessed Andres Galarraga, the Rockies’ first baseman at the time, miraculously go 6-for-6. And that, it turns out, is the easiest way to […]

How factory video traceability lowers quality costs

Back in April, one month into California’s lockdown, my wife and I decided to “celebrate” (in coronavirus-fashion) our anniversary by ordering take-out from one of our favorite restaurants. This being the height of quarantine, the restaurant’s normally packed parking lot was nearly empty. One might assume, then, that with demand down, my order would get […]

The bane of lean engineers: Waste

Prior to joining Drishti, I was a lean practitioner at Tesla and Boeing. So I’ve been in the trenches, looking for ways to eliminate waste (or muda). When I discovered Drishti, I could immediately see its alignment with the lean manufacturing philosophy, and waste reduction was one of the biggest ways.  Here’s how Drishti addresses […]