Augmenting tasks performed by humans is no easy feat

In the mid-1990s, I led the industry/academia team at General Motors that built the world’s first collaborative robots. It was hard work; most people even in robotics had not heard of a “cobot” (or, “intelligent assist devices” (IADs) as we referred to the broader category), knew what it was, much less how it could be […]

“Differentiation in manufacturing is all time to market.” The Drishti Interview: Anik Bose, BGV

Anik Bose, General Partner at Benhamou Global Ventures, was the first investor to hear Drishti’s story—and, I’m flattered to say, the very first investor to commit, after just a 50-minute conversation. With our Series A round behind us, I recently grew curious: what was it about Drishti that captured his interest? We recently sat down […]

Drishtiの紹介: 自動化が進んだ世界で工場労働者の競争力を高める

製造業には2つの重大な秘密がある。 まず第一の秘密は、ロボティクスと自動化の長年の進歩に関わらず、大部分の工場での仕事はまだ人間によって実行されていることである。 スマートフォンがわかり易い例である。ご存知の通り、携帯電話を持っている約50億もの人とのデジタルな接点である。同時に、驚くほど大きな数の人々との物理的な接点も持っている。ただ、中国の工場でそのスマートフォンを作ってくれた約100人近くの人々がいることはあまり知られていない。 Prasad AkellaDr. Prasad Akella transformed manufacturing in the 1990s as leader of the General Motors team behind the world’s first collaborative robots (“cobots”), projected to be a $12 billion market by 2025. With cobots, Akella advanced robotics to safely amplify workers’ physical capabilities. With Drishti, Akella returns to the factory to again […]