Drishti guides automakers in uncertain times — including DENSO

Drishti helps automakers improve productivity, quality, traceability and training. Auto parts manufacturer DENSO uses Drishti on the assembly line.

Monozukuri and takumi: Scaling the craftsman mentality in a 21st century factory

Monozukuri and takumi are two key ideas from the Toyota Production System that promote craftsmanship in the modern manufacturing process, ensuring quality and a superior end user experience that can be shared and incorporated across organizations at scale.

Why work in manufacturing? Four reasons why factories are AI’s future.

Most people assume AI’s most interesting deployments are in futuristic tech, and the $12T manufacturing industry is fully automated. Both assumptions are wrong.

How AI and data amp up the traditional genba

Using technology, plant managers can stop using the genba to gather data, and instead use it to address issues based on the data already available.

The ROI of Better Factory Analytics

Earlier this month, Drishti teamed with A.T. Kearney to announce joint research on the gap in human analytics in the factory. We uncovered interesting statistics that show just how critical humans still are in manufacturing: 72 percent of tasks in the factory are still carried out by humans, and they create 71 percent of the […]

Drishti Sheds Light on the Person-Shaped Blind Spot in Factory Analytics

Industry 4.0 is changing the nature of manufacturing. From IoT and AI to wearables, advanced robotics and 3-D printing, the strategic pillar of manufacturing that is Industry 4.0 is completely transforming the factory floor. Over the past five years, A.T. Kearney has helped hundreds of manufacturers ensure they’re on the right track to be competitive in […]

New Research: The State of Human Factory Analytics

“I believe there is significant – as yet untapped – opportunity to drive high volume factory performance to much higher levels of productivity, quality, and problem-solving capability through the use of human factory analytics.” Today we released a report that encompasses months of planning, research and analysis with one of our partners, A.T. Kearney, on […]

The 100-year-old manufacturing problem

The biggest problem facing modern manufacturing is that humans are effectively invisible to analytics. This problem is all the more significant when you realize that even after decades of advancement in robotics and automation, up to 90% of manufacturing tasks are still performed by humans. 340 million of them, according to Goldman Sachs Research, which measured […]


現代的の製造業が直面している最大の課題は、人間の作業の可視化が出来ないことである。 何十年ものロボティクスと自動化の進歩を経ても、製造タスクの90%がいまだに人間によって実行されていることを認識すると、この問題の重要性を認識できる。ゴールドマン・サックスの調査では、製造業の全世界の雇用は3.4億人と言われている。 Prasad Akella Dr. Prasad Akella transformed manufacturing in the 1990s as leader of the General Motors team behind the world’s first collaborative robots (“cobots”), projected to be a $12 billion market by 2025. With cobots, Akella advanced robotics to safely amplify workers’ physical capabilities. With Drishti, Akella returns to the factory to again […]