How Drishti ruins the hard-boiled detective story

When Raymond Chandler sat down to write a Philip Marlowe novel, he sent his detective on a sprawling investigation, careening from drunken socialites to devious bookies to murderous barons, stumbling through speakeasies and high society with equal disdain in the search of an ambiguous truth.  Marlowe’s investigations give us phrases like “the muzzle of the […]

Poor quality is expensive: Reducing quality costs in medical device manufacturing

For many manufacturers, the economics of quality is a simple cost-benefit analysis: investing in quality manufacturing is worth the associated payoff in customer satisfaction, retention, reputation and more. (For a full discussion about the costs and benefits of quality in manufacturing, you should read our whitepaper on The Butterfly Defect.) If the costs of providing […]

Video designed for manufacturers, not casinos

**This is a true story, with a few details changed to protect the manufacturer’s good name.** In an undisclosed location in the Western United States, there is a factory making kitchen cabinets. Inside that factory, a long assembly line traverses the length of the property.  At one end, skilled operators deftly glue together wooden frames […]

The big reveal: Demonstrating AI-powered production at NVIDIA GTC

Four years and four months ago, I got a call from my old boss, a guy named Prasad Akella. I remember our first meeting at that Starbucks on California Avenue, squinting over a PowerPoint deck in the bright sun that outlined his vision for a company called “NewCo.” I remember coming home and telling my […]

Data makes kaizen events shorter and more impactful

I’m a big fan of kaizen events. My background is in lean engineering, and if there’s one thing that makes a lean engineer salivate, it’s continuous improvement. Over the past few years, I’ve both conducted kaizen events as a process engineer and helped customers with kaizens as the head of continuous improvement with Drishti. All […]

The secret to effective AI deployments: The real world

To realize the promise of artificial intelligence, manufacturers need to bypass the lab. Go live, test, measure and be realistic about what the technology can do.