Drishti is Mario’s warp whistle for HELLA’s assembly lines

Thirty years ago, Super Mario Bros. 3 was released in North America. Like most American teenagers, I was immediately enthralled; unlike most American teenagers, I didn’t have my own copy. I had to continuously invent excuses to get myself invited to my cousin’s house to play. Sitting in Uncle Gary’s basement, I got pretty good […]

The big reveal: Demonstrating AI-powered production at NVIDIA GTC

Four years and four months ago, I got a call from my old boss, a guy named Prasad Akella. I remember our first meeting at that Starbucks on California Avenue, squinting over a PowerPoint deck in the bright sun that outlined his vision for a company called “NewCo.” I remember coming home and telling my […]

Drishti’s Series B ushers in a fourth manufacturing era: AI-powered production (and people)

This morning, we announced news that we’ve closed a $25M Series B funding round, in the midst of a global pandemic. It’s a massive milestone and one I’m particularly proud of, so I’ll talk more about that later in this post. First, though, I want to talk about the journey that led us to this […]

The World Economic Forum recognizes Drishti’s “human first” focus: “When 1+1 = 3”

The action recognition solution we’ve developed at Drishti is fundamentally changing manufacturing by extending the value of humans in the factory.

What being a Gartner “Cool Vendor” means to me

What makes technology cool? To Drishti, it means arming manufacturers with a solution that provides new insights.

Drishti Milestone: Recognized in Gartner Hype Cycle

One of my former coworkers from my factory days has become a golf fanatic. He watches, plays and talks about golf whenever he has the chance. A few years ago, he found a home that was adjacent to a private country club, bought a membership and golfs his heart out. Recently, he texted me: “I’m […]

Drishti recognized as a “Hot Vendor” by Aragon Research

On July 25, 2018, Aragon Research published Hot Vendors in Digital Business Platforms, 2018. As the name implies, Aragon views a Digital Business Platform as an emerging paradigm: a “cornerstone technology base” for coordination and analysis of people, machines and processes. This report provides an interesting insight into how the futurists of the world see […]

Introducing Drishti: Making factory workers more competitive in an increasingly automated world

Manufacturing has two big secrets. The first big secret is that, despite years of advances in robotics and automation, most factory work is still performed by humans. Your smartphone provides a great example. You already know that it’s a digital connection to the estimated 5 billion other people who have cell phones. It just so […]