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The secret to effective AI deployments: The real world

To realize the promise of artificial intelligence, manufacturers need to bypass the lab. Go live, test, measure and be realistic about what the technology can do.


How AI and data amp up the traditional genba

Using technology, plant managers can stop using the genba to gather data, and instead use it to address issues based on the data already available.

New Research: The State of Human Factory Analytics

“I believe there is significant – as yet untapped – opportunity to drive high volume factory performance to much higher levels of productivity, quality, and problem-solving capability through the use of human factory analytics.” Today we released a report that encompasses months of planning, research and analysis with one of our partners, A.T. Kearney, on […]

Augmenting tasks performed by humans is no easy feat

In the mid-1990s, I led the industry/academia team at General Motors that built the world’s first collaborative robots. It was hard work; most people even in robotics had not heard of a “cobot” (or, “intelligent assist devices” (IADs) as we referred to the broader category), knew what it was, much less how it could be […]

Drishti Milestone: Recognized in Gartner Hype Cycle

One of my former coworkers from my factory days has become a golf fanatic. He watches, plays and talks about golf whenever he has the chance. A few years ago, he found a home that was adjacent to a private country club, bought a membership and golfs his heart out. Recently, he texted me: “I’m […]

Drishti recognized as a “Hot Vendor” by Aragon Research

On July 25, 2018, Aragon Research published Hot Vendors in Digital Business Platforms, 2018. As the name implies, Aragon views a Digital Business Platform as an emerging paradigm: a “cornerstone technology base” for coordination and analysis of people, machines and processes. This report provides an interesting insight into how the futurists of the world see […]

Introducing Drishti: Making factory workers more competitive in an increasingly automated world

Manufacturing has two big secrets. The first big secret is that, despite years of advances in robotics and automation, most factory work is still performed by humans. Your smartphone provides a great example. You already know that it’s a digital connection to the estimated 5 billion other people who have cell phones. It just so […]

The 100-year-old manufacturing problem

The biggest problem facing modern manufacturing is that humans are effectively invisible to analytics. This problem is all the more significant when you realize that even after decades of advancement in robotics and automation, up to 90% of manufacturing tasks are still performed by humans. 340 million of them, according to Goldman Sachs Research, which measured […]

“Differentiation in manufacturing is all time to market.” The Drishti Interview: Anik Bose, BGV

Anik Bose, General Partner at Benhamou Global Ventures, was the first investor to hear Drishti’s story—and, I’m flattered to say, the very first investor to commit, after just a 50-minute conversation. With our Series A round behind us, I recently grew curious: what was it about Drishti that captured his interest? We recently sat down […]