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Drishti’s manufacturing leadership — and influence — recognized

Earlier this week, the National Association of Manufacturers shared its list of 2021 Manufacturing Leadership Award winners. We were absolutely delighted to be recognized in the Manufacturing Technology Partner category. Very early in the company’s history, Drishti’s mission statement was solidified in my mind: “Extending human potential in an increasingly automated world.” We continue to […]

Part 3: The growing imperative for practical AI

In the last of my three-part series on looking ahead to 2021 (and leaving 2020 firmly in the rearview mirror), I’ll explore what technological advancements are on the horizon, and how they’ll help fulfill the vision I laid out in earlier posts for both global manufacturing and how the industry will shift in the U.S. […]

Part 2: Changes to manufacturing in the U.S.

I recently reflected on what 2020 meant for Drishti, and subsequently added the first of what will be three inside looks at what I think will happen in the coinciding worlds of manufacturing and technology in 2021. In part one, I took a global, big picture look at how manufacturing will shift to a regionalized, […]

Part 1: Regionalization and manufacturing neighborhoods

I recently reflected on what 2020 meant for Drishti. In this three-part miniseries, I’m examining trends and shifts in manufacturing that will have far-reaching implications throughout the industry at both a global and domestic level, starting at the macro-level. Countries will trend toward regionalizing their supply chains  If 2020 taught us anything, it’s the importance […]

Goodbye, 2020: A series of year-end predictions

One of the most bizarre years of my lifetime is finally coming to a close. At Drishti, we saw some of our highest highs yet: securing our Series B funding round, announcing our first public customers, receiving recognitions from NVIDIA and Forbes and hiring the best and brightest minds are a few of the milestones […]


Process investments: As important as product, but often ignored

In assembly, codifying the process through standardized work is paramount to high quality and throughput. That’s why standardized work is a one of the foundational disciplines of the Toyota Production System. It doesn’t totally connect, then, that spending on process improvements lags far behind spending on product development. In fact, the manufacturing team often has […]


Drishti’s Series B ushers in a fourth manufacturing era: AI-powered production (and people)

This morning, we announced news that we’ve closed a $25M Series B funding round, in the midst of a global pandemic. It’s a massive milestone and one I’m particularly proud of, so I’ll talk more about that later in this post. First, though, I want to talk about the journey that led us to this […]

Drishti guides automakers in uncertain times — including DENSO

Drishti helps automakers improve productivity, quality, traceability and training. Auto parts manufacturer DENSO uses Drishti on the assembly line.

Monozukuri and takumi: Scaling the craftsman mentality in a 21st century factory

Monozukuri and takumi are two key ideas from the Toyota Production System that promote craftsmanship in the modern manufacturing process, ensuring quality and a superior end user experience that can be shared and incorporated across organizations at scale.