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Humans and machines: An inspection power combo

Inspection is a process that can be done by humans or machines, and both parties have strengths and weaknesses. Take humans: they can make inferences on the fly and notice things that they haven’t been specifically pre-instructed to notice. If a part rolls through an inspection station with a different orientation than expected, a human […]

Rethinking quality inspection for manual assembly

Control: You either have it or you don’t.  Understanding if processes are in control is just one of the jobs that quality inspectors take on. They employ both inspection and testing, so that customer requirements are met and assembly operations stay compliant to regulations. Good things happen when there are controls in place and everything […]

The bane of lean engineers: Waste

Prior to joining Drishti, I was a lean practitioner at Tesla and Boeing. So I’ve been in the trenches, looking for ways to eliminate waste (or muda). When I discovered Drishti, I could immediately see its alignment with the lean manufacturing philosophy, and waste reduction was one of the biggest ways.  Here’s how Drishti addresses […]