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How factory video traceability lowers quality costs

Back in April, one month into California’s lockdown, my wife and I decided to “celebrate” (in coronavirus-fashion) our anniversary by ordering take-out from one of our favorite restaurants. This being the height of quarantine, the restaurant’s normally packed parking lot was nearly empty. One might assume, then, that with demand down, my order would get […]


The looming assembly line quality crisis

As factories reopen following COVID-19 shutdowns, the number one thing on everyone’s mind is worker health, and rightfully so. The biggest risk to any organization today is the health and safety of its people. But once this risk is mitigated, a second risk will assert itself: the measures put in place to protect associate health […]

Automakers Prepare For Long-term COVID-19 Impacts

With 95% of Americans under shelter-in-place ordinances and following social distancing guidelines, it’s no surprise that virtually all manufacturing in the U.S. has come to a sudden stop. A supply chain shutdown of this magnitude is unprecedented in the automotive market, and has left most automakers and suppliers focused on responding to and protecting the […]


Agility and ingenuity during COVID-19: News roundup from the factory floor

Manufacturing isn’t an industry that’s known for being able to change on a dime.  Assembly lines are a highly choreographed ballet of interactions between people, processes, tools, machines and materials. It’s difficult to change the system without creating quality errors or productivity issues, which means the time to introduce new products or lines is measured […]


Assembly lines + COVID-19: News roundup from the factory floor

Most manufacturers now face two critical imperatives: keeping the goods that society relies on flowing out the door, while keeping their workforce safe at the same time. In the following weeks and months, I expect to see incredible amounts of ingenuity as factories figure out how to achieve both goals. In fact, we’ll likely see […]

Why work in manufacturing? Four reasons why factories are AI’s future.

Most people assume AI’s most interesting deployments are in futuristic tech, and the $12T manufacturing industry is fully automated. Both assumptions are wrong.

The ROI of Better Factory Analytics

Earlier this month, Drishti teamed with A.T. Kearney to announce joint research on the gap in human analytics in the factory. We uncovered interesting statistics that show just how critical humans still are in manufacturing: 72 percent of tasks in the factory are still carried out by humans, and they create 71 percent of the […]